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Counselling / Psychotherapy


In today’s busy world we sometimes find ourselves facing challenges and experiences that cause us to become stressed and unable to cope. Counselling is about exploring these issues to gain a deeper understanding and work towards the changes that may be needed to live a happier life.

These experiences may include:

  • Sudden loss/bereavement/trauma
  • Balancing  work/life stress
  • Depression/anxiety/panic attacks
  • Work related issues
  • Self esteem/personal development
  • Family & Relationship issues

The distress caused by these events/experiences can cause a ripple effect and put pressure on your relationships with family and your wider social circle. My role as counsellor/psychotherapist is to explore with you to help you understand and pin point the areas that are causing you most distress. We can work together to help you make the changes you may need to get back on track and get the most from your life and your relationships.

Relationship Counselling

Relationships can be challenging.  A change in life events such as illness, bereavement, new arrival, redundancy, financial difficulties, depression and ageing parents can all impact on your relationship.

Lack of time for the relationship can lead to difficult communication and a loss of intimacy. We can work together to explore these issues in a safe and confidential environment. Leading to open and honest communication to see what might be needed for a happier relationship.